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Gulis Military base - Emanuel Camp

Construction of a school for a course for battalion commanders and company commanders. 3500 square meters of instructional classes connected in communication and media for the benefit of shared learning. Residential building for trainees and auditorium. A detention building with an area of 1000 square meters that includes cells, offices and interrogation rooms.

Zikim Military base

Construction of five buildings used for training, enlistment, residence and dining room.
The buildings in the total areas of about 4000 square meters.
Area development and landscaping for the entire base area.

Amos Military Base

Building a maintenance vehicle for heavy vehicles including residential buildings, training, headquarters, offices and warehouses. Hanger for car treatment of 5000 square meters. Garage for handling vehicles, test surfaces, licensing institute and gas station for all its components. Area development and landscaping for the entire base area.

Ramon Military Camp
Transit Station in Hiriya - Upgrading

Roofing and complete closure of the domestic garbage treatment pit. Designed to eliminate the danger of rats and mice. 

Designed to prevent odors and improve the efficiency of the work process. While changing infrastructure in transportation, electricity, water, fire, fuel systems and lighting.

Hazor Military Base
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