Construction &

Engineering Ltd

Shtang Construction and Engineering Ltd. is one of the first and most stable construction and infrastructure development companies in Israel, leading many national projects over the years.
From developing infrastructure and building housing for a nascent Israel almost a century ago, the company expanded its activities and capabilities, and over the years positioned itself as the market leader in developing infrastructure for sewage and fresh water management, providing solutions for the most complex problems in different fields of civil engineering, using the most advanced and innovative technologies.

In October 2009 the company merged with The Green Way Ltd. as part of a strategic move to become the leading business group in green infrastructure and sustainable development in Israel.

Shtang has completed many highly complex and complicated projects, involving not only primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of wastewater, but also highly multifaceted and intricate undertakings such as an anaerobic sludge treatment plant combined with energy co-generation. Our project management skills were honed on assignments involving design, installation and construction of civil works such as concrete, metal and steel; of electro-mechanical works, such as piping, pumps, heat exchangers, co-generators, hydrogen sulfide removal systems; electrical instrumentation and control works, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, odor control systems and more.


Some works require, apart from expertise and experience, the delicate and minute handiwork of our teams, specializing in the restoration of historical compounds intended for preservation.