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Shtang Construction and Engineering Ltd which began its development of infrastructure in the State of Israel more than 85 years ago (one of the founders through Burma), is one of the most stable and long-standing development and construction companies in Israel, leading many national projects over the years.

Over the years, Tang has established itself as a market leader in the development of wastewater and water treatment infrastructure, providing solutions to the most complex problems in various areas of civil engineering, using the most advanced and innovative technologies.

Sthang has carried out and is carrying out many complex and intricate projects, which include not only primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment, but also multi-purpose and complex projects, such as an anaerobic sludge treatment plant while producing energy. 

Our project management capabilities were built while carrying out design, installation and construction tasks of civil works such as concrete and steel; Electromechanical works, piping, pumps, heat exchangers, generators, hydrogen sulfide removal systems; Electrical equipment works, ventilation and air conditioning systems, odor control systems and more. 
The list of sewage treatment plants that Stang has performed with a variety of advanced treatment technologies (biological processes) is long.

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Our vision is to leads promote and nurture human renewal and progress by developing infrastructure and green building supported by advenced technology and excellent manpower.

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