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Shtang is the leading company in the Israeli sanitary wastewater treatment market. Over the past years Shtang has designed, constructed and commissioned more wastewater treatment plants (WwTP) than all of its competitors combined. 

From a small-scale 700 M³/d, using the state-of-the-art MSBS technology, to plants treating hundreds of thousands of m3/d, using conventional Activated Sludge.

From plants using secondary/biological treatment only, to cutting-edge tertiary treatment, resulting in high-level effluent suitable for unlimited irrigation and discharge into rivers. From greenfield projects in the middle of the desert with scant supporting infrastructure, to plants in the vicinity of residential homes and vast infrastructure obstacles – Shtang can take on any project, of any size, complexity and technology.

Our motto – On Time, On Budget and On Quality – guides us in all our ventures and enables us to provide our customers with the best results, fitting their budgets, beating their time-tables and exceeding their expectations.

Waste Water Treatment

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