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Part of Israel's solution to its water scarcity has been the construction of reservoirs and storage tanks: both fresh water gathered in winter to be used in summer, and treated effluent to be used for irrigation of agriculture and landscape.

Over the years, Shtang has gained much experience and expertise in designing, constructing and maintaining various types of reservoirs and tanks, whether large or small.

Most reservoirs require automatic control of water supply and levels and are enhanced by moving water. Shtang has learned to design and install reservoirs tailor-made to any requirements and any client's needs. We offer expertise and advice, which is second to none.

Liners are installed by our own expert teams using a range of techniques that are employed to suit different applications and materials. We cut and weld to produce liners to any shape or size. Backed up by high technology welding equipment, liners can be welded on site. As part of our cutting-edge technology, we install floating covers in reservoirs to protect the water from being contaminated by rainwater, dirt, bird droppings, dead animals, leaves, and acts of vandalism. Floating covers also protect drinking water from sunlight, preventing evaporation and the growth of algae and other unwanted organisms. In some of our reservoirs situated in the desert, floating covers were used to prevent birds gathering to drink and thus endangering air force planes training at low altitudes.
Using the latest technology and highly efficient processes, we can deliver any project on time, on budget and on quality.

Resevoirs and Storage Tanks

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